Beauty and the Beast (2012-2016)

Drama, Horror, Romance, Sci-Fi, Thriller | 60 min

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Detective Catherine Chandler (Kristin Kreuk), shaken to the core over the fact that everything she thought she knew about her life has been a lie, is determined to get answers to the secrets that have been revealed about her family. Cat must also try to navigate her evolving relationship with handsome doctor Vincent Keller (Jay Ryan),

Beauty and The Beast – Season 1

Beauty and The Beast – Season 2

Beauty and The Beast – Season 3

Beauty and The Beast – Season 4

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  • Anonymous 06 / 02 / 2019 Reply

    When will be the Next season?

    • Anonymous 02 / 01 / 2019 Reply

      Can you upload the rest of the seasons for beauty an the beast

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