Kids, lets learn animals with Eggo and have some fun together!“Eggo got it right_animal series” is an educational App compo including four themes: Land animals, Marine animals, Birds and Mini Creatures. With Eggo’s great company, kids could enjoy learning vocabulary (Chinese/English)、pronunciation (Chinese/English) and object. As long as kids pass the game, Eggo will encourage them with various bling-bling effects enabling them to stay focused on learning. By combining rich imagination with high level of artworks, “Eggo got it right_animal series” is the best preschool kid app that the team Fevolution has carefully planned for your children. Hey now, why do not you join Eggo to explore the animal world?Features:1. 4 themes x 3 modes(Chinese, English, Object)2. Easy to learn to use for kids.3. Develop the abilities of language, art and imagination!




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