Prepare for a hypnotic, ambient experience in this physics-based, space puzzle game. /A great entry into the AppStore, Space Leap is a soothing, challenging, and distinguished game app with a great art design and even better level designs./-App Safari Review**UNIQUE GAME DESIGN**Propel into different orbits by tapping on the gravity fields. Beware of falling asteroids, beautiful but deadly nebulae, stellar wormholes and tons of other galactic hazards. Time your orbit jumps to perfection to solve the cosmic puzzles and collect star dust as you make your way to the destination Sun. Space Leap features unique physics & puzzle play, mesmerising graphics, and a soothing ambient soundtrack.**PRESS REVIEWS**/The visuals have a clean, colorful feel, and the music is appropriately ambient. Space Leap seems to strike the balance between tough puzzler and soothing diversion./ – Pocket Gamer/It’s great gameplay, and there’s plenty of it there,….Space Leap is worthy of anybody’s attention….. There’s some real nice ambient music in there, which compliments the gameplay by really focusing one’s heart, body and mind….Definitely give Space Leap a look./ – 148appsTime will fly away as you get lost in space. Play through 84 levels across 4 distinct zones : Pinksmoke, Greenstar, Purplehaze, Golden Sun. Each zone adds new gameplay and puzzle elements unique to that zone. No timers, No Paywalls, No NONSENSE! Just a really beautiful, original game with tons of content where the only thing holding you back is your skill. Space Leap is a relaxing, meditative puzzle experience with beautiful audio and stellar visuals combining into something thats almost otherworldly. PLAY NOW!




Unlock Greenstar Free!
Unlock Purplehaze Free!
Unlock all zones Free!
Thanks to the developers. Free!
Unlock Golden Sun Free!

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